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Are you Still Considering Getting a Second Passport? Have you Considered the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment?

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme offers the quickest route to European Citizenship through Real Estate investment and passport is granted within just 6 months. A Cypriot passport and citizenship grants its holder, visa free travel to over 150 countries, access to business opportunities, tax advantages, and the freedom to work, travel, study and live anywhere within the EU.

Here’s the breakdown of what you and your family benefit from obtaining a Cypriot Second Passport


A Cypriot citizenship will grant you visa-free travel all around the world.

Considering that most countries will offer visa free travel to less than 150 countries Cyprus is one of the few that offers visa free travel to over 160 countries.

Fast-Track Naturalisation

Your residency card is granted in a matter of weeks.

Most citizenship programs take months before you can actually set foot in the country. However, you could get your Cypriot permanent residency card in just six weeks, with no strict residency requirements. Your new passport comes shortly thereafter, in only six months.

Cypriot second citizenship is perfect for investors who need to secure a certain future, fast.

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Simple process

Gaining second citizenship in Cyprus is a simple, straightforward process.

When you’re considering second citizenship, you want to trust your investment is in good hands.

Tax Advantages

Take advantage of the tax benefits in Cyprus.

Cypriot citizens only pay 12.5% corporation tax which is one of the lowest in the world, and non-domiciled residents only pay income tax on income arising in Cyprus. You also enjoy various exemptions on wealth taxes, including complete freedom from estate duty.

Family Security

Change the course of your family history by securing family citizenship.

Many other programmes require additional investment to include family members and this can end up significantly increasing your investment especially if you have a large family.

The Cypriot citizenship programme is awesome because your initial investment covers multiple dependents; any dependent children under 28 and parents over 65, without making any additional payments to include them.

This citizenship is also transferable throughout your generation as your children can pass on their citizenship by descent to their children – so your investment has the potential to change the whole course of your family history.

Wealth & Asset Protection

A diversified investment in Cyprus assures that your wealth is well-protected. 

Through your diversified investment in Cyprus, you are able to protect your assets and safeguard your wealth.

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