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Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Minimum Investment


Minimum Investment

Real Estate

Time To Citizenship


Visa-Free Access


Client execute retainer agreement and settle first schedule fee

Obtainment of pre-approval from Government

Collection of Checklist Personal Documentation for Due Diligence File

Signature of Real Estate Reservation Agreement

Submission of Application to Government

Issuance of Government Due Diligence Report and decision

If Government Citizenship Letter of Comfort is issued then payment of Donation amount or balance of Real Estate Investment

Issuance of Citizenship Certificate & Passport

Payment of last balance

  • The Dominica passport is the 42ndtop rated passport in the world.
  • The Citizenship by Investment Program provisions was found in 1991 and can be found in the constitution and laws of Dominica: Section 101 of the Constitution and section 8 of the Citizenship Act, Chapter 1:10 of the revised laws and section 20 (1) of the Citizenship Act 1991.
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