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Important Changes to Grenada Citizenship by Investment to drive more Investments
June 11, 2019
Nigerian business man

Nigeria is home to some of the wealthiest individuals on earth and is beginning to participate in the rise in Global Citizenship. The high net worth individuals and ultra-high net worth individuals in Nigeria seeking second citizenship and permanent residency has increased tremendously as many seek a Plan B option, Freedom of Movement, Safe Haven and Security.

Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves and is located on the western coast of Africa. The country has a massive population of over 200 million people and speak hundreds of languages, including the 3 main languages Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.

Nigerian passport is the 91st strongest passport in the world with visa free access to more than 46 countries. Due to the limited access to world major business countries, the high net worth individuals in Nigeria are now seeking second passport as a better mobility option. In addition to Visa-Free travel, the second passport provides benefits in Family Security, Tax Advantages, Economic and Political Stability, Better Healthcare, World-Class Education to their children and increase their overall quality of life.

Currently there are no European countries that allow Nigerian Passport holders to visit them without a visa which is triggering more interest in European and Caribbean Second Passports as Nigerians look for ways to gain more worldwide mobility. This has significantly reduced the stress in getting visa for European countries to access business opportunities in Europe and the world at large.

Wincore Advisory Group, is leading the Second Citizenship and Permanent Residency by Investment movement in Nigeria. We are providing these services to the HNWI’S of Nigerians, who are looking to expand their global potential and ensure an empowering prosperity for their future.

“Our Group has served many individuals and families from across the globe. We have a strong international client base and we are looking forward to connecting with more Nigerians who are interested in investments with high rate of returns as well as the opportunity to obtain Second Passports and/or alternative Residencies” says Chinwe Azikiwe, Wincore Advisory Group’s Senior Business Development Consultant.

We have assisted many families in getting the second passport which in turn has changed their life as they experience security and total freedom like never before.

Contact us to know more details on second citizenship and permanent residency by investment at +971 4 221 2602 /

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