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5 Years UAE Residence VISA

The Government of UAE has announced good news for retired expats who still want to live in UAE over the age of 55 years will be able to get 5 years residence visa they fulfill the following criteria

If has a property worth of AED 2 Million


A minimum of AED 1 Million Savings


An active income of more than AED 20K per Month.

The rules are said to go into effect in 2019 and the visa will be valid for five years, with the possibility of renewal for those retirees who wish to stay longer.

For a long time, living in the UAE has been seen as a short-term plan with a goal to earn money and accumulate savings for the future. This was the most feasible plan as expats had to be sponsored by a company or family member to be in the UAE. However, the announcement of the 5-year residence visa for retirees is shifting the dynamics for expats in the UAE.

These new visa rules will open the pathway for people all over the world to see the UAE as a long-term investment and also allow existing expats who have been in the UAE for their entire life to stay here longer. Students and young professionals will also turn to invest in the UAE as these laws have created a favorable environment to start your business in the UAE.

Our team of experts will assist you to get 5 years UAE residency visa if you fulfill the above criteria without any difficulties.

For more details, you can contact us at +971 44436694 or email at

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5 Years UAE Residence VISA

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