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August 20, 2020by Mohammed Rahali

Did you know?

A will is not enough to preserve and protect an entity that survives you.  

Foundations are the best option for Wealth Structuring and Succession Planning. Foundations will help you protect what you have for generations, preserve the continuity of your businesses, protect the interests of your children, keep the directors of the underlying companies and to protect & strengthen your wishes. Foundations assist with wealth management & preservation, mitigating forced heirship rights, protection of privacy & confidentiality, isolating assets against bankruptcy and divorce procedures, family succession planning, tax planning, asset protection, corporate structuring, and other sophisticated structuring.

Wincore advisory Group assists individuals and families to articulate their objectives and principles to establish the foundation of a sound succession planning, robust inter-generational wealth transfer and efficient family & business governance.

In particular, Wincore advisory Group provides end-to-end and tailored made solutions for successful families related to acquisition, governance, risk management and preservation of their businesses and wealth through generations; inter-generational legacy.


Mohammed Rahali

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