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Getting a UAE Business Residence Visa | UAE Residence Visa through Business Setup

Getting a UAE Business Residence Visa | UAE Residence Visa through Business Setup

If you wish to obtain a Business Residence Visa in Dubai or a UAE Business Residence Visa, then you must incorporate a company in one of the 40+ free zones or set up a UAE Mainland Company (LLC).  A Wincore Advisory Residency & Citizenship expert can assist you in the process of obtaining a Business Residency in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most attractive countries in the world especially in terms of career growth, business prospects and investment opportunities, tax-free earnings, as well as political and economic stability. This is the reason why tens of thousands flock here on a yearly basis to obtain a UAE Residency.  Through unending foreign investment and businesses being set up in the private and public sectors of the economy, the UAE has transformed into a cosmopolitan country having very high standards of living. The UAE’s popularity is only increasing as a result of various incentives and initiatives afforded by the government. Those who are engaged in international business often face an important question about how to obtain a tax residency in the country, which provides advantageous conditions regarding taxation of physical persons – its residents. From this point of view, the UAE is one best possible option among the other jurisdictions. All the UAE residents are fully exempted from all kinds of income taxes; the UAE Business Residence Visa gives its holders almost the same rights and possibilities as the citizens of this country.

Business Setup in UAE and subsequently obtaining the UAE residence visa for a business owner and all members of his/her family is processed hassle-free. The business owner can expect to benefit from a quick and easy incorporation process, ongoing business support, and financial incentives such as tax exemptions and zero currency restrictions. Also, there is total freedom to repatriate capital and profit back to your country of origin. The business license is typically obtained in just a matter of days. Obtaining UAE Residency Visa follows shortly after the license is produced. The process of applying for your UAE Residency Visa, as well as those of your employees, is very straightforward. UAE Residence visas can be renewed an unlimited number of times if you live according to the laws of this country and continue to own your own business.

The Benefits of UAE Business Residence Visas

There are many benefits of obtaining a Business Residence Visa in UAE. These include:

  • Benefits of global position with access to international trade.
  • State-of-the-art business infrastructures.
  • 2-year residency, typically renewable provided that conditions are met.
  • Business Owners are allowed to sponsor UAE Residency Visas for their family members such as a spouse, children as well as parents, provided they meet certain requirements. Even house helpers are permitted for sponsorship under this visa.
  • Tax advantages; 0% income tax and 0% corporate tax (soon to be 9%).
  • A UAE Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) can be obtained through this unique UAE business residency pathway.  TRC is issued for eligible natural and legal persons to take advantage of and benefit from the Double Taxation Agreements, tax incentives, and tax benefits for import and export. A natural person residing in the UAE for at least 180 days can apply for the TRC, and a legal person operating in the UAE for at least 1 year can apply. The TRC is valid for one year and is usually renewable provided that conditions at the time are met. Effective Tax Planning should be applied here to ensure that the corporate and individual situation adheres to the tax rules to gain the maximum benefits from a UAE Tax Residency. Wincore Tax Planning Team will assist you in the following steps below to obtaining a TRC.
    • Creation of an account with the Ministry of Finance (MoF)
    • Complete and submit the application
    • Collect and attach the required documents
    • Once verified by the authority, then payment of fees.
    • The TRC is usually processed within 5 working days and the applicant can receive the certificate via express courier.
  • Visa-free travel to certain destinations example Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.(check with foreign embassies in the UAE).
  • Access to the vibrant property market and other local investment opportunities.
  • Easy obtainment of UAE driving license.
  • Ease of opening bank accounts.
  • Access to public services, such as government health services (e.g. Covid Vaccination), health insurance, and schools.
  • Residency in a country with a robust economy and a stable political climate.
  • With a UAE Residency you are assured that your family, business, and wealth are secured and highly protected within the sophisticated vehicles available in the country.

How Can We Help You To Obtain The Business Residency Visa In UAE

At Wincore Advisory Group, we assist our clients to obtain world-class alternative residencies in Europe and the UAE. Our team of experienced International Residency and Citizenship experts can support and guide you every step of the process to obtain a UAE Residency. This is how we can assist you:

  • Company registration assistance and company license collection.
  • Assistance in registering for medicals and Emirates ID.
  • Process for the 2-year UAE business residence visa.
  • Assist in the opening of UAE bank accounts for companies and clients.
  • Assistance in processing employee and family visas.

For Support and assistance on obtaining a UAE Business Residence Visa Get in Touch with our Corporate Team Today 

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Getting a UAE Business Residence Visa | UAE Residence Visa through Business Setup

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