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Citizenship by investment for Iranian nationals

With the new stringent diplomatic policies and visa restrictions, Iranians are now more than ever looking for a Second Passport and a path to Second Citizenship as a plan B to avoid potential turmoil.
Looking for a new passport amidst travel bans and visa restrictions is a smart and best choice for high net worth individuals.
High Net Worth or Wealthy individuals are attracted by the citizenship by investment programs mainly because of the many benefits associated with it. Having a second passport is worthwhile for anyone doing business on a worldwide scale. A second passport helps you to achieve safety if your home country is unstable and allows you to move freely around the globe. Having a second citizenship protects the present and future of your family.

There are many benefits for individuals and their families wishing to obtain a second passport. Benefits such as:
• World-wide freedom of movement with a commanding passport
• Visa-free for over 130 countries (including the UK, EU Schengen Area…)
• Safe Haven
• Tax benefits and Tax Advantages
• Access to Best Healthcare & Education Models
• Honorable, Reputable & Irrevocable passport
• Additional to your current passport – Dual citizenship allowed
• No need to renounce your current nationality
• Access to trade and business opportunities
• Family Protection
• Asset & Wealth Preservation

The Iranian passport, one of the lowest ranking passports in the world grants its holders the freedom of travel to only 13 countries, and visa on arrival for 31 countries and they require visas to travel to 154 countries!
According to the Wincore Advisory Group’s spokesperson, Iranian nationals occupy the third position in terms of nationalities seeking a Second Passport. Therefore, Iranians who want to live a life without borders, or for those who want to do proper tax planning; look no further than the Dominica Citizenship Investment Program the absolute best option which will serve these purposes

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

The Commonwealth of Dominica has the most sought after Citizenship by Investment program in the world, not only because it is a fast track program but also because it is reasonably affordable, with Dominica standing as the lowest-priced passport “for sale” on earth.

The minimum investment option for a single applicant through a contribution to the Economic Diversity Fund (EDF) for Dominica Citizenship starts from USD$100,000. A single applicant must contribute at least USD$100,000, though this amount will increase if they wish to obtain additional citizenship for a spouse or any qualifying dependents. This is considered a more cost-effective option for single applicants as government fees are not applied to an EDF donation. The applicant gets a passport within 3 – 6months. With a Dominica Passport, one can travel visa-free or on-arrival to over 130 countries including; the UK, the entire EU Schengen Zone, Hong Kong, Singapore amongst many others.

Dominica is one of the only countries that accept Iranian Nationals in the Citizenship Program.

If you’re seeking a “budget passport”, Dominica is worth considering especially with all the many benefits attached.
The Citizenship by Investment Program is detailed in the regulations published in accordance with Section 101 of the Constitution and Sections 8 and 20 (1) of the Citizenship Act. Read the guide for more information on all relevant legislation regarding the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.
We have assisted many families in getting the second passport which in turn has changed their life as they experience security and total freedom like never before.

Contact us to know more details on second citizenship and permanent residency by investment at +971 4 443 6694 /

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Citizenship by investment for Iranian nationals

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