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Estate & Asset Protection Planning (Trust, Foundation)

Family and business succession planning and asset protection planning among high net worth families is evolving rapidly in the Middle East and Africa. Changes in family business models, impact of restrictive and limitative regulations, increasing litigation claims, silent worldwide economic turmoil, general incertitude are creating a new wealth management landscape in these regions to safeguard families’ personal assets from corporate risks and successfully prepare the careful transfer of responsibilities and wealth to the next generations without relinquishing the control over the process and the governance.

WINCORE ADVISORY GROUP specializes in the provision of estate, corporate governance, asset protection and tax planning. Wincore’s team comprises of highly European skilled professionals with over 50 years of combined local and international experience in estate, asset protection and tax planning.

Wincore’s areas of expertise

Estate & Tax Planning UAE

Asset protection (Creditors, Corporate Debts v. Personnel assets, Segregation of assets and liabilities, Divorce protection, Forced heirship rights Protection)

Trusts & Foundations (local and Foreign ones- Star and Vistra Trusts)

Private Trust Companies

Charitable & Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts

Structuring of Asset Holding Companies, SPVs and SPCs

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Mohammad Rahali

Managing Partner


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Estate & Asset Protection Planning (Trust, Foundation)

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