Second Citizenship in Vanuatu 2021: Protect Yourself and Your Family

January 18, 2021by Mohammed Rahali



Is a Second Passport still valuable in 2021?

The answer is YES!

Since the pandemic, the need for obtaining a Second Passport has been on a constant rise due to the various advantages that come along with it and also the fact that there is no need to give up your present Citizenship.

Dual Citizenship holders are legally recognized citizens of two or more country. Obtaining a Dual Citizenship has been proven to be incredibly important especially during these times. As it acts like a safety net for individuals. Healthcare systems of the country where an individual is originally from may not be up to standard and there could be potential threat to the person or their family, so in this case, Dual Citizenship holders can relocate to the country where they bear Second Citizenship.

Travel restrictions are a big problem faced by multiple individuals due to their passport not allowing them to travel freely. Holding a Citizenship of another country could help in easing the restrictions. Holding a Second Passport while travelling allows the individual to be secure. In case of a health crisis, war, terrorism or any other danger, Dual Citizenship holders are able to seek safe havens in the country of their Second Citizenship.

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Now more than ever people are looking to obtain a Second Citizenship: Get your Vanuatu Second Passport in 2021 and protect yourself and your family. 


Vanuatu is still one of the most sought-after locations for High Net-Worth Persons and businesspeople and their families. The process of obtaining a Vanuatu Second Citizenship is fast and straightforward. In this climate of the global pandemic, Vanuatu is also one of the few countries in the world that is relatively COVID-free, with only one reported case as of the time of posting this article.

A Vanuatu Passport is also very budget friendly, whether you are obtaining it for yourself alone, or you and your spouse, or you and your family. There are no income taxes, corporate taxes, or capital gains tax. Vanuatu has a stable economic and political climate.

A Vanuatu Second Passport in 2021 will grant you visa-free travel to over 130 countries including access to Schengen Area.



Wincore Advisory Group can assist you and your family in obtaining a Second Citizenship in Vanuatu in record time and with no hassle. Become a Vanuatuan in no time with our assistance.

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Mohammed Rahali

Managing Partner

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