ADDITIONAL CORPORATE SERVICESSponsorship Services (Individual & Corporate)

Wincore Advisory Group can assist you to regain and maintain 100% control over your business in respect of the LLC mandatory local 51% partnership requirement through gradual solutions by:
  • Introducing a reliable and trustworthy local national partner to hold 51% of your mainland LLC shareholding in confidence under side agreements compensated through a “Fixed yearly Sponsorship Fee”.
  • Establishing a mainland corporate sponsor where the involvement of the mandatory local national individual partner will be highly mitigated and limited under side agreements. The Corporate Shareholder can also act as the local services agent where a local shareholder is not required – for example, for a Professional License, Branch or Representative Office; or,
  • Establishing a common law corporate structuring held by more sophisticated holding entities located in free zones which will avoid latter sponsor’s involvement in the business, the related sponsor’s succession planning issues, sponsor’s claim of company’s dividends, and the fluctuation of the sponsor fee to act as sponsor.

Case Study:

Strengthen the investor’s control over the 51%local shareholdings of his mainland LLC business – Uses of ADGM SPVto establish a common law corporate entities layer.

Current Business Structuring

New Business Structuring Or Restructuring

First degree of structuring – More confidential and sophisticated
structuring are possible.


  • The local and foreign shareholdings are uplifted from a dual sharia law and civil law jurisdiction to a common law jurisdiction:
  • allowing more flexibility to gain a higher investor’s protection while the ultimate local shareholding complies with the mainland regulatory framework;
  • granting access to more sophisticated contractual and structuring environment;
  • Subjecting the resolution of conflicts to a common law jurisdiction, court and arbitration rules.
  • Exiting from the heavy legalisation and notarisation costs (unlike foreign IBC used or corporate actions are executed).

Wincore Advisory Group’s structuring team will advise you on the best structuring to establish your UAE presence and reach your objectives whilst maintaining the highest degree of control over your business and confidentiality. Wincore Advisory Group’s structuring team will advise you also on related capital raising planning, tax structuring and succession planning in a Sharia Law environment.


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