Importance Of Dual Citizenship | What Is Citizenship By Investment?

January 31, 2019by Mohammed Rahali0

Citizenship by Investment programs (CIP) enacted by different countries grant immediate citizenship to foreign nationals against an economic investment in the country. The normal reason for citizenship is birth in a certain territory, descent from a citizen’s parent, marriage to a citizen and naturalization. CBI programs also allow foreigners to invest in businesses, real estate or simply donate money directly to the government of a country in exchange for a visa or passport.

While residence is granted to investors and wealthy people in most countries, very few countries now have laws to grant citizenship through investment for economic purposes and without long – term residence requirements. Many countries worldwide have a passport which is not a very useful travel document. Therefore the majority of people would be interested in having a second citizenship from a country with a “powerful passport.”
Who is Eligible?

There are always different requirements for applicants to ensure that they apply and obtain their second citizenship. This citizenship is granted to the applicant and his family when the applicant invests (and fulfills other criteria) in the country.
How much does it cost?

There are many countries offering citizenship through investment programs, whose costs vary considerably– they can be as low as about $ 100,000 or about $ 2.5 million. The cheapest countries such as Dominica and St. Lucia require at least $100,000 in investment. In most cases, investors, entrepreneurs or wealthy retirees are not all applicants. This differ from country to country.
What is the Benefit?
• Visa – Free travel;
• Safety and Security;
• Education;
• Tax Advantage
• Business Advantage
• To choose to restart a new life elsewhere.
• To be granted the right to live and work in your new country of citizenship.
Countries in Citizenship by Investment
Dominica – Starting from: $100,000
St Kitts & Nevis – Starting from: $150,000
Antigua & Barbuda – Starting from: $100,000
Grenada – Starting from: $300,000
St Lucia – Starting from $100,000
Malta – Starting from €350,000
Cyprus – Starting from $200,000


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