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ADDITIONAL CORPORATE SERVICESBank Account Opening Assistance (Local and Foreign)

Wincore advisory Group provides assistance with Corporate and Personal offshore bank account opening in the UAE or other jurisdictions.

Wincore provides bank account opening assistance to individuals, offshore and onshore companies. Wincore’s bank account opening service helps companies or individuals select the ideal bank. To ensure the selection of the optimal bank account Wincore takes various factors into account

Assistance can be provided also in matters related to CRS (Common reporting standard or AEOI, automatic exchange of financial account information in tax matters) which is to implement automatic exchange of bank account information between the offshore banks where you are holding a bank account, directly or through a structure, to your country of residence.

The location of the chosen bank will depend on the bank rating, the performance of the bank wealth management portfolio department and strategies, the targeted market, the performance of the Trade Finance and Commercial Department of the Bank, the corporate activity, the required level of privacy and confidentiality, the CRS reporting environment, the bank reputation, the bank’s products and your time zone.

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